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Psychological Influences of Hypospadias in Children

Articol din publicatia Timisoara Medical Journal nr. 3/2005
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Doru V. Vasilie[1], Florina Paul[2], Bianca Potyesz[3], Cristian St. Pop[2], Victor Florian Raducan[1], Andrei Radulescu[1,4]

  1. Louis Turcanu Emergency Hospital for Children, Timisoara Department of Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics
  2. Louis Turcanu Emergency Hospital for Children, Timisoara
  3. Timis County Child Protection Center, No.1 Placement Center
  4. Saban Research Institute - Pediatric Surgery Research, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, USA

In this study we take a close look to the surgical treatment of hypospadias, which leads to the appearance of some psychological implications. The psychological implications became more obvious as the reconstructive surgical therapy is considered at the age of puberty or adolescence. We want to show these aspects in two case studies, in which we use the following methods of psychological investigations: interview with the child and his owners, observation of the children's behavior before and after the surgical treatment, Machover projective test. Regarding the conclusions, we are able to prove now the importance of the cultural level, the importance of the interaction between mother and child, the child's feeling of culpability and anxiety, the high need of affection especially from the father, which the patient tries to identify with. This study tries to show the importance of the association between the very needed surgery and psychical influences.

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