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Antibiotics in the Intensive Care Unit (II)

Boli infectioase
Articol din publicatia Timisoara Medical Journal nr. 3/2005
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Authors: Antoniu Branzeu[1,2], Leonard Mada[2], Andrei Branzeu[2], Cristina Branzeu[1]
1 Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Clinical Emergency County Hospital, Timisoara
2 Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara

The second part of this article series will shift our focus to one of the most important nosocomial infections, to the hospital-acquired pneumonias. Hospital acquired pneumonia is one of the major diseases in terms of mortality, morbidity and treatment costs and the most important infection in the ICU setting. The non-specific clinical signs hamper the diagnosis, especially because various pathologies present in this patient population may mimic or affect the lung. The rising resistance patterns and the endemicity of MDR organisms in many ICUs pose additional problems. This review will discuss some of the issues pertinent to the diagnosis and management of hospital acquired pneumonia. The microbiologic work-up will be particularly emphasized, as it enhances the specificity of the diagnosis and permits a more judicious use of antibiotics, thus minimizing the resistance problem.
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