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Left atrial myxoma associated with coronary artery disease - uncommon challenge

Articol din publicatia Timisoara Medical Journal nr. 4/2004
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Gabriel Dumitrasciuc1, Marian Gaspar2, Adina Ionac2, Calin Jusca1, Petre Deutsch1, Lucian Petrescu2, Bogdan Mut-Vitcu2, Stefan I. Dragulescu2

1 Cardiovascular Surgery Department II, 2 Cardiology Department, Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine Timisoara
Correspondence to:
Gabriel Dumitrasciuc, Str. P.P.Carp 13A, Timisoara, Tel: +40-744644302, Email: gdumitrasciuc@yahoo.com


Atrial myxomas are the most common primary heart tumors and the early diagnosis is rather difficult, since the clinical aspects are often non-specific, varying widely. The association of coronary artery disease to myxoma has not been frequently reported and may sometimes determine an early diagnosis of the tumor, before serious complications as systemic embolization or sudden death occur. Bi-dimensional and transesophageal cardiac echography are the most important tools in detecting the myxomas, while coronary angiography is mandatory for patients with risk factors for ischemic heart disease, whose clinical data raise that suspicion. Once the diagnosis has been made, the need for the operation is urgent. We present the case of a 56 year old female patient operated in our service for left atrial myxoma and coronary artery disease. The operation consisted in complete tumor removal and grafting the right coronary artery with a venous conduit. The evolution was simple, uneventful. The combined procedure may be safely performed with no increase in postoperative mortality or morbidity.
Key Words: cardiac tumor, coronary artery disease