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Large eustachian valve - a puzzling echocardiographic diagnosis and a difficult therapeutic management

Articol din publicatia Timisoara Medical Journal nr. 4/2004
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Adina Ionac1, Andreea Dragulescu1, Cristian Mornos1, Marian Gaspar2, Milovan Slovenski1, Stefan Iosif Dragulescu1

1 Dept. of Cardiology, 2 Dept. Of Cardiovascular Surgery, Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara Correspondence to: Adina Ionac, Associated Professor, Internal Medicine and Cardiology, P. P. Carp Str. 13A, Timisoara, Romania, Tel. +40-744-790381
E-mail: adina_ionac@rdstm.ro


Anomalies of the right atrium, due to incomplete resorption of the embryologic structures, are difficult to diagnose and to establish the future management. One of these structures, the Eustachian valve, is often reported with different unexpected complications. This report presents the case of a patient with a prominent right atrial mass that was suspected at the transesophageal echocardiography to be a thrombus, but the possibility of an embryological remnant was not excluded. The patient had also significant degenerative aortic regurgitation, for which she was operated. The intraoperative right atrial inspection revealed a large Eustachian valve, which was removed. Subsequent pathologic examination confirmed the diagnostic. Although Eustachian valve is usually considered a rare condition, it should not be omitted when evaluating a patient with a right atrial mass.
Key words: eustachian valve, echocardiography, right atrial mass.