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Acute pulmonary edema and insulin-induced hypoglycemia in a non-diabetic subject

Medicina interna
Articol din publicatia Timisoara Medical Journal nr. 4/2004
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Catalina Lionte, L. Sorodoc, Victorita Laba

Department of Internal Medicine, Gr.T.Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy; Medical Clinic - Emergency Clinic Hospital, Iasi, Romania Correspondence to:
Catalina Lionte MD, PhD, Medical Clinic, Emergency Clinic Hospital, Gen Berhtelot Str. 2, 700483 Iasi, Tel: +40-232-226-144
Email: clionte@yahoo.com

The association between acute pulmonary edema and hypoglycemia is well documented and described in literature, although rare in clinical practice. Only few reports of this association have been published over last decades, so we consider that the description of a new case may be relevant, together with the discussion of the mechanisms involved. We hereby present a case of severe insulin-induced hypoglycemia in a young non-diabetic subject in an attempted suicide, who was admitted with coma, seizures and pulmonary edema. Through accurate diagnosis and intensive care, the patient recovered completely.
Key words: pulmonary edema, insulin-induced hypoglycemia